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I am an artist who started out as a linguist. When my creative streak finally took over, learning languages became my hobby.  The culture behind a language always intrigues me, and this passion naturally feeds into my printmaking.

In recent years I have become fascinated by the Chinese language (Mandarin) and two years ago I spent a month in Beijing at a Chinese language school attending intensive daily lessons.  This trip prompted some prints inspired by my observations.  Not all my prints have an oriental theme, however!  Forests, still life, gardens and wildlife also play a part.

I am an experimental printmaker, which means I like to challenge myself to try new techniques and push the boundaries. My style is developing all the time and I like to explore multiple threads depending on where I have travelled and what I have seen. I am a trained secondary school teacher and I run printmaking workshops in my studio in Winterborne Stickland, which gives me the opportunity to share what I have learnt with others.