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Carpe diem collagraph

The pun in the title for this large koi carp is not just for fun, for the latin expression inviting us to seize the day befits a fish with such a strong symbolism of perseverance and courage. The collage plate was constructed using amongst other things netting, lace, tissue paper, and lentils. The bulky materials have embossed the paper really nicely, which a two-dimensional photograph can't show too well I am afraid. The plate was inked by hand using mainly sepia with a bit of prussian blue and red ochre to give certain textured areas a lift. Each time I inked the plate I changed the balance of colours slightly, so as a result each fish has his own particular character.  I want the freedom to be able to experiment a little each time I ink the plate, maybe try new colours, so this is why I have decided to add VE (variable edition) after the editioning mark - not shown in the photo but I have added it since taking the photograph.  He caused a stir when I posted him on my artist page on facebook - Genevieve Lavers Printmaker - so why not follow my page and be the first to see any new prints hot off the press!

Carpe diem

Hand-inked collagraph

Edition: 2 of 15 VE

Plate size: approx 66 cm nose to tail

Will fit frame with rebate 81 cm x 55 cm (including 6 cm mount surround)

PRICE: £150 unframed

carpe diem 2 of 15

To purchase, please e-mail: genevieve.lavers@btinternet.com