logo picture Amaryllis

Amaryllis, 1 of 2 (very exclusive edition!)

Hand-inked collagraph print

Plate size 16 x 19 cm

Collagraphy is a print from a textured plate. It's all about texture, line and tone. Etching ink is worked onto the surface of the plate and polished off thoroughly before paper is placed over the top and it is run through the press. This type of printmaking uses the "intaglio" technique, because the paper picks up the impression of the ink left in the cracks and crevices. Different textured materials create different effects and tones on the final print, and the paper is often also nicely embossed.  Some of my favourite collagraph materials are tissue paper, porridge oats, string, textured wallpaper .... the list is endless!  It's  worth experimenting.

What is .....a collagraph?