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I have created a special page for this series of collagraph prints, because they are unlike any other prints I do and they deserve a special mention.  This is a limited edition of only twenty hand-inked prints. These people were inspired originally by the silhouette of two wine glasses on my kitchen windowsill. I began with the outline of the glasses, doodled some noses on the side, then the eyes, and it grew from there.  Each pair of faces is in conversation and you can decide what they are gossiping about! My faces hint at diverse cultures because, as a linguist, I draw comfort from the thought that friendships can exist regardless of ethnic background.

The collagraph plates are only small: 10 cm x 4 cm.  This limits the use of collage materials on the plate; anything too bulky would just overpower it.  Each plate uses a variety of materials to create the required tones and textures:  scoring with a knife, PVA glue, embroidery thread, couscous, textured wallpaper, rice.

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PRICE: £40 each, framed as shown below. Postage is extra.

To purchase, please e-mail: genevieve.lavers@btinternet.com

DSC_0135 DSC_0136 DSC_0134

Gossip 1

Gossip 2

Gossip 3