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Koi  monoprints

Hand-inked prints inspired by my trip to Beijing in September 2015.

Koi 3

Koi carp are considered auspicious by the Chinese, which I have explained in some detail on my "Koi pond" page in the Gallery.  

Whilst creating the "Koi pond" series I was experimenting with ideas of negative space, one of the concepts that underpins the composition of traditional Chinese paintings, and I felt my handmade textured fish cut-outs would look striking arranged on a very plain white  background. There are several ghost prints beneath to allow the viewer to imagine further fish swimming beneath. These prints caused a stir during my exhibition in Dorset Art Weeks 2016 and this is the only unframed one left. It's unique and I will never be able to repeat it. Printed on the wonderfully satin smooth surface of Zerkall 7635 paper, which picks up fine detail and showcases the quality pigments in the ink.

Koi 3

Monoprint (1 of 1)

Plate size 39 cm x 65 cm

PRICE: £170 unframed