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It means one sole print taken from a plate with no fixed matrix and therefore no possibility for repeats.  Monotypes are marked with 1/1 at the bottom, which means you are getting something original and unique! This painterly style of printmaking encompasses a wide variety of techniques and is open to much experimentation. Monotypes can be pulled by hand using a baren on a glass plate, but I like to use rollers to apply ink onto a thin sheet of plastic and then run it through my press. Monotypes allow for a higher level of spontaneity and flexibility than other forms of printmaking; I like to build up layers of ink over a series of prints to create more depth and interest.  

Polly in the park 7

Polly in the park 7, monoprint with cyanotype

Plate size 21 cm x 29.5 cm

What is .......... a monotype?